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Vision for the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers: Cultivating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Financial Leadership

At the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers, our vision is to actively cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion within the realm of financial leadership. Recognising the current composition of our membership, we commit to taking purposeful steps to build a more diverse community that reflects a broad spectrum of expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives.

1. Proactive Steps Towards Diversity:

We actively seek and invite a more diverse membership, breaking down barriers that may limit representation. Our goal is to attract and engage corporate treasurers from a wide range of backgrounds, ensuring that our community is inclusive and representative of the rich tapestry of talent within the financial sector.

2. Inclusive Leadership Development Opportunities:

In our vision, we endeavour to create inclusive leadership development opportunities for all members. We work to identify and address barriers to entry, providing resources and support systems to ensure that individuals from underrepresented groups have equal access to professional growth within the association.

3. Collaborative, Inclusive Decision-Making:

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to decision-making processes. We strive to foster an environment where every member's voice is heard and valued. By actively seeking input from diverse perspectives, we aim to build a dynamic and innovative community of corporate treasurers.

4. Tailored Learning and Cultural Competence Programs:

Understanding the importance of cultural competence, we will tailor educational programs to address the unique needs of our members. By providing resources that support members in navigating diverse perspectives, we aim to foster understanding and collaboration within the financial leadership landscape.

5. Partnerships for Diversity and Inclusion:

Recognising the current landscape, we will actively seek partnerships that support our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Collaborating with organisations dedicated to increasing diversity in finance, we aim to create a more expansive ecosystem that aligns with our association's values.

6. Transparent communication:

We are committed to being transparent with our diversity initiatives offered throughout the year and communicated to our membership on a regular basis.

7. Beyond Finance, Driving Social Change:

Our vision extends beyond treasury management. We aspire to be leaders in driving positive social change within the financial industry by actively promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through our initiatives, we aim to contribute to a financial landscape that is not only successful but also reflects the principles of fairness, equality, and social responsibility.

In embracing this vision, the Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers commits to a journey of intentional steps toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, shaping the future of financial leadership for the better.


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