Mentoring Programme

Mentoring is confidential relationship, where the Mentee can access a Mentor's wisdom and guidance to navigate obstacles in achieving career objectives.

Mentee Benefits:

  • Being able to discuss and gain greater clarity, in an open and off-line environment, about career and development issues
  • Proving encouragement to set more ambitious career goals, reinforcing belief in their own potential
  • Having practical advice and help on organisational politics and behaviour
  • The opportunity to be challenged constructively
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Improved professional and personal networking
  • Development of communication skills

Mentor Benefits:

  • The opportunity to practice good developmental behaviours and additional skills outside their direct line responsibilities
  • Development of their own self awareness
  • Greater understanding of other areas withing the treasury and banking sphere
  • Opportunities to capture and reflect on their own development
  • Enhanced satisfaction - stimulating and rewarding fresh challenge, sense of pride in the Mentee's achievements
  • Consolidating and extending professional and personal networks

In October 2018, the IACT committee launched its first ever Mentoring programme. The pilot progamme consisted of 6 mentoring relationships and continued until October 2019. Due to the outstanding success of the pilot mentoring scheme in 2019, we are delighted to advise  that we have now commenced our second programme.

If you would like to be considered for the next mentoring programme, please complete the attached application (Mentee Application Form - Final.xlsx) and submit to 

Similarly, if you are an experienced treasurer and interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact


European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT)

International Group of Treasury Associations (IGTA)

+353 1 610 8574 
Address: PO Box 10104, Lucan, Co Dublin


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