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The story of the birth of IACT has been told many times over the years since its founding in 1986. Angus Murphy, Jimmy Doyle and the late Gerry English met for a pint in O’Dwyers of Mount Street (long since demolished) and having some knowledge of newly emerging Treasury Associations, mainly in UK, USA and France, decided it was time for Ireland to have one as well.

This was, of course, driven by the wild financial markets dating from the early 1970s and continuing into the following decade. We no longer had a fixed link with sterling and were beginning a relationship with the EMS that eventually saw us adopting the Euro. Exchange rates that had been fixed up to the 1960s now fluctuated wildly and interest rates were extremely volatile. There was a newly emerging Irish multinational sector and companies quickly realised the need to manage their FX risk, interest rate exposure and cash flows. They saw that this was as important as managing sales cycles, stock levels and margins. Among the financial management teams in these companies’ people were tasked with looking at these newly identified risks and devising plans to manage them. These were the early Corporate Treasurers. They were the people who led the interaction with the financial markets and banking systems. Prior to this most people, if asked, would define a treasurer as the guy who looked after the annual subs in the golf club!

So, IACT was founded to meet the demands of the emerging profession. Seminars were held; peer learnt from peer, everyone shared knowledge and ideas. Bank Treasury professionals were very helpful and supported the new association. They had the budget to fund meetings and events and they shared their knowledge of financial instruments and treasury techniques. Of course they in turn benefited from the deals done in spots, forwards, swaps and options to hedge these new risks and all the new fangled money market instruments.

International relationships with other Associations were formed to learn even more from colleagues in other countries. This in time led to the creation of EACT and IGTA, still continuing to ensure that Treasurers voices are heard when regulatory matters are being proposed at local, EU and international levels. It is worth mentioning that IGTA was founded in Dublin during the 1993 IACT Annual conference when the association was led by Sean Healy.    

Finally, while all of this was achieved in a very professional way by all those who did their bit in the early days it should also be remembered that we had great fun doing it! I think this tradition has continued in the IACT committees since the foundation and still continues today.   

Today the association has in excess of 400 members, including practicing treasurers from major Irish public companies, multinationals and commercial state entities, as well as a significant number of smaller and medium sized companies.

Jimmy Doyle 

Past Presidents

1987   Gerry English
1988   Aengus Murphy
1989   Jimmy Doyle
1990   Micheal Coady
1991   Martin Keating
1992   John Walsh
1993   Sean Healy
1994   Vincent Reynolds
1995   George Grennan
1996   Seamus McCann
1997   Conor Leyden
1998   Gerard McGinnity
1999   Sean Grace

2000   Valerie Little               

2001   Paul Farrell                 

2002   Derek Browne           

2003   Judith Lawless              

2004   James Ryan               

2005   Patrick King               

2006   Andrew Glover

2007   John Gilsenan 
2008   John Finn
2009   Stuart Kirk

2010   Brendan Murphy

2011   Brendan Glynn
2012   Barry Dempsey       

1987   Gerry English

1988   Aengus Murphy

1989   Jimmy Doyle

1990   Micheal Coady

1991   Martin Keating

1992   John Walsh

1993   Sean Healy

1994   Vincent Reynolds

1995   George Grennan

1996   Seamus McCann

2013   Patrick Corkery
2014   Colm Moriarty
2015   Remco de Vries
2016   Ronan Doyle
2017   Lorcan Travers
2018   Anne Fitzgerald
2019   Dympna Donnelly
2020   Kevin Daly 
2021   Keith Lynch
2022   Meindert de Vreeze
2023   Aimee Cullen


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International Group of Treasury Associations (IGTA)

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