SONIA - Making the Transition

6 Nov 2019 7:30 AM | Michele Fogarty (Administrator)

Peter Shea of Salmon Software discussed the factors that a Treasurer should consider while transitioning to Sonia. The presentation included the following:

  • Brief history of SONIA
  • Background of Salmon Software
  • Collaboration with UK clients to understand the SONIA requirements
  • Development of new modules to accommodate SONIA (interest calculations and accruals)
  • Live demo of the Salmon Treasurer application which show how the SONIA interest and accruals are managed:

o             Daily SONIA interest Rates

o             Loan Management

o             Interest Accruals

o             Interest Dashboards

The purpose of the demo highlighted the many challenges that need to be overcome for people considering using Excel as a tool to manage SONIA based instruments.

Evening Meeting:


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